Eversource Energy (NYSE:ES) Reaches a New Pinnacle

Eversource Energy (NYSE:ES) stock has seen a rise as of late. Shares have hit a new 52-week high after reaching $65.02 during recent trading action. Investors will be watching to see if the name can maintain momentum heading into the new year.Since the start of the calendar year, Eversource Energy (NYSE:ES)’s stock has changed 17.26%. Over the last five trading sessions, the stock has moved 1.66%. For the past month, Eversource Energy’s stock has been 5.04%, 3.50% for the last quarter, 8.60% for the past six months and 24.66% for the past 52 weeks.

Based on current stock levels, Eversource Energy shares are trading 0.02% off of the 50-day high and 9.11% away from the 50-day low.

Earnings Per Share (EPS), the portion of a company’s profit distributed to each outstanding common share, is a useful indicator of a company’s profitability. EPS is typically considered to be the most important variable in determining a share’s price. Eversource Energy (NYSE:ES)’s EPS growth this year is 7.30% and the trailing 12-month EPS is $3.08. Covering sell-side analysts are estimating company growth for next year to be 5.74%. On a consensus basis, analysts have given a recommendation of 2.30 on company shares.

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