You might be surprised to find out how light, fast, light, slow, etc. your body can be and how easily it can be. Triathlon is weight training forเว็บดูหนัง fitness and it should be weight trained like there is no tomorrow.

The body is made up of various muscles andหนังโป๊ these fibers types may be called: Slow, Medium or Rapid. What type of training you do is the main determinant of the types of energy you utilize. If you train mainly for endurance, your aerobic system will be the predominant system that supplies your body with oxygen to sustain the demands of continued hard and short duration activities such as triathlon.

However, if you train mainly for strength, your anaerobic system will be the predominant system that supplies your body with oxygen to sustain the demands of intense, high intensity activities such as triathlon. Most would tend to train for endurance, fail to take adequate คลิปเย็ดrest and either train too much, too little or do not reach there goals, thus losing the competitive edge.Training for specific energy system gives a competitive edge in triathlon. It is simply putting together the perfect combination of long duration of intense work with short duration of recovery that yields maximum fitness and returns in the form of improved speed and overall satisfaction.

What Is Your Specific Energy System?It has beenหนังใหม่ 2021 demonstrated scientifically that there are three distinct energy systems that can be activated during exercise. They are the anaerobic energy system, the aerobic energy system and the lactic acid energy system. Each system is independent and each one requires specific types of fuel to sustain a specific level of performance.

The aerobic energy system is often referred to as the system of oxygen for continuous exercise at relatively high intensity speeds. This system is important to maintain a sustained pace when training, racing and actually performing triathlon. The lactic acid system is the energy system that’s used to reduce lactic acid production and body pain during and immediately post exercise.

What Your Body Needs to Run a Triathlon ProperlyThe body has three needs and these are food, water and carbon dioxide. When we exercise, the body uses food and water toคลิป18+ sustain it, plus regained reserves that it can draw on for this effort and aid in recovery.

Food is fuel for the body and is required to be in a balanced state before it is used to aid in energy production during exercise. Food does not have to be easily accessible, it only has to be effective. Most forms of carbohydrate, except brown rice, are not recommended for this. For your body to be fully fueled before you start to exercise, you should aim to eat: 1 square foot of brown rice per pound of body weight (220g) per day – this represents about 6400 calories. Of course, this figure is predetermined for optimal performance for whatever race you are training for.

You should start your triathlon training with a pre-race meal, including some carbohydrate. Protein is also required, but much more in the form of lean red meat than carbohydrate or even protein shake. IN sports drinks you have to balance electrolytes because they are not readily available when you are cycling hard enduroly.

Overall, your body requires adequate fuel to run your exercise and any race, and these are the three systems that have to be maintained. The wisely designed training should ensure that the triathlete achieves this optimal level of fitness.


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