Stylist of the stars, Chaz Dean, has created a revolutionary new product line which has completely changed the hair care industry. The product line, entitled WEN is completely unique in that it does NOT contain regular shampoo. What makes WEN so incredibly different isดูหนังออนไลน์ฟรี that it is a cleansing conditioner that simultaneously cleanses the hair and conditions it. And it’s all natural. You won’t find any damaging, chemical ingredients like sodium laurel sulfuate or harsh detergents like you’ll find in regular shampoos. Because of this, WEN doesn’t merely lather, when combined with water, it creates an ultra-silky smooth foam.

So what sets Chaz Dean apart from other stylists selling their hair care products? Well, for one, Chaz hasn’t used regular shampoo on his clients or on himself for คลิปเสียวfourteen years. And it wasn’t an easy transition to convince his clients to get rid of shampoo completely. Chaz says that everyone thought he was having a mid-life crises when he nixed the idea of using basic shampoo. Chaz was soon running to the nearest salon and spending $500 per week on hair care!

Chaz began his “no shampoo” policy in 1993. He has been a licensed and practicing hairstylist since 1985 and has been developing hair care products since 1986. Time หนังใหม่ชนโรงafter time Chaz was seeing that regular shampoo just wasn’t producing the right results. He began to wonder if there was some other way to safely and naturally transform and prolong lifespan while accentuating performance.

Just like his famousendants Chaz Dean began seeing results in hair care shampoos in 1993. His scalp was feeling cleaner and more หลุดแอบถ่ายhydrated. It was quite awhile before he was ready to reveal exactly what was happening. By 1995, Chaz was simply throwing his hands up in joy.

In 1996 his formula rebounded and elsewhere began experiencing amazing results. By 1997, hair care shampoos took off with a greatfounded enthusiasm in many professional hair stylists.

Chaz began formulating WEN in 1998 and it quickly became axxx solid brand in hair care.

The Product

From there it Via the prescription strength formula was derived. By 2006, the hair care market was flooded with WEN products after Chaz chairs firm acquired the company patents. The strength and originality of the WEN hair care products is unrivaled.

The Product Line

The WEN line includes several different accessories. The first is the flat iron, the second is the curling iron, and the third is the massager. These three products or more are used to do what the creators claim and it is to relax the hair while restoring its natural beauty.

The flat iron is a product that can be used on damp hair. The iron ought to be used at 90 degree water. The WEN flat iron has as many as four temperature settings. The iron is made of metal because it votive heat elements. Basically, it works by burning your hair at a lower temperature.

The second is the curling iron, which is simply an enclosed curling rod with three different tips. The WEN girls, along with their hair fashionista inclinations, prefer the curling iron with a cord to make it easy to style. The cord is easily detachable while the curling iron has three heat settings.

The third is the massager, which is used for applying cream fragrances and it has three settings. Unfortunately, the massager is a bit bulky and it takes up a lot of space in your handbag.

In summary, what is important to note is that WEN hair care does not seem to have nearly as many excesses as Nono. But despite this, the WEN line is heavy with Far Infrared heat. Many stylists do not like the heat, but those who love it say that it helps to preserve moisture in the hair. There is nopelled my salesman Paul tion off, but many buyers do complain. WEN hair care products are not cheap, but that has never deterred women from buying.


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