YY Inc. (NASDAQ:YY) Reaches a New Pinnacle

Shares of YY Inc. (NASDAQ:YY) have recently risen to a new 52-week high. The stock has been seen at $76.22 after a recent session check. Over the last 5 trading periods, the stock has seen a move of 9.51%.EPS Watch

YY Inc. (NASDAQ:YY)’s EPS growth this year is 39.60% and the trailing 12-month EPS is $4.67. Covering sell-side analysts are estimating company growth for next year to be 15.89%. On a consensus basis, analysts have given a recommendation of 2.00 on company shares.

Since the start of the calendar year, YY Inc. (NASDAQ:YY)’s stock has changed 97.79%. Over the last five trading sessions, the stock has moved 9.51%. For the past month, YY Inc.’s stock has been 35.36%, 42.41% for the last quarter, 85.95% for the past six months and 73.85% for the past 52 weeks.

Based on current stock levels, YY Inc. shares are trading -3.51% off of the 50-day high and 43.25% away from the 50-day low.

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